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slovenian national MTBO champioNSHIP

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SATURDAY, 2.9.2023 | MIDDLE DISTANCE - Sveta trojica nad dobom | first start AT 13:00 | 
LOCATION: 46.12344, 14.66863

Varied continental terrain with carst features and dense forest paths network. Lush vegetation can obstruct visibility and movement along the trails. Some overgrown paths. Due to the recent wind storm, some new fallen trees and branches obstruct movement on the paths. Logging is in progress.

Izsek mape - MTBO Sv. Trojica.jpg

Course planner: Gregor Zupan

Course inspector: Gregor Andrejc

Map: Sveta Trojica nad Dobom

  • M/W10 & Beginners categories ; Map scale: 1:7500 ; E=5m ; ISMTBOM 2022 ; Map format A4 ; one map

  • All other categories ; Map scale: 1:10000 ; E=5m ; ISMTBOM 2022 ; Map format A4 ; map exchange 


Length: 1980m ; Elevation: 20m ; CP: 9 ; Map 1

  • M70, W60, M14, W14

Length: 5020m ; Elevation: 100m ; CP: 13 ; Maps 2

  • W50, W45, W16, W17, W18

Length: 7010m ; Elevation: 170m ; CP: 16 ; Maps 2

  • M60, W40, M16, M17, M18, W21 SHORT (ŽB), OPEN/DIREKT

Length: 7890m ; Elevation: 180m ; CP: 15 ; Maps 2

  • M50, M45, W20, M21 SHORT (MB), E-BIKE

Length: 8980m ; Elevation: 210m ; CP: 16 ; Maps 2

  • W21 ELITE, M40, M20

Length: 9310m ; Elevation: 220m ; CP: 17 ; Maps 2

  • M21 ELITE

Length: 12360m ; Elevation: 250m ; CP: 23 ; Maps 3

  • SPORTident SIAC (AIR+) chip only.

  • Distance from competition center to start is 1900m and 80m elevation. Marked with white/red marking tape.

  • Distance from finish to competition center is 750m. Marked with white/red marking tape.

  • Info point in competition center will be open till 13:00.

  • Warm up is allowed at competition center area and on the way to start!

  • Movement on the embargoed area is prohibited from 9AM onwards (on the day of the competition)! Competitor will be disqualified in case of non-compliance to this rule.

  • Please put your map in dedicated paper bag at the finish!

  • Time limit 180 minutes.

Additional information:

  • Middle distance race counts for Slovenian National Championship. All foregin competitors start at begining of start list.

  • Symbol 825.000 - Forested area, permited to ride.

  • Symbol 402.000 - Open land with scattered trees. Lush vegetation. Hard to ride

Permited to ride.jpg
Scatered trees.jpg
Embargoed area (click on image for a preview)
Screenshot 2023-08-14 100715.jpg

Untill 29.8.2023 on OrienteeringOnline & ANNE

After 30.8.2023 registration to open, kids and beginners categories will be possible.

Optional registration for race categories after 30.8.2023 / per request (if maps are available), +50% fee increase


Start Fee

M/W10 - M/W18, Beginners: 5,00 EUR/per stage

Other categories: 10,00 EUR/per stage

Kids category: free



Orientacijski klub Komenda

Zajčeva cesta 23

1218 Komenda, Slovenia

Payment instructions


Orientacijski klub Komenda

Zajčeva cesta 23

1218 Komenda, Slovenia


IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 6421 380

Cash payment will be possible at info point in competiton center on 2.9.2023

Head of competition: Tomaž Pust

Punching system

SPORTident SIAC (AIR+). Distance up to 1,8m. SPORTident SIAC (AIR+) chip only! Chip rental 2,00 EUR/per stage.

M/W10, M/W14, M/W16, M/W18, M/W20, M/W21 SHORT, M/W21 ELITE, M/W45, M/W60, BEGINNERS/FAMILY
Additional categories for Austria Cup (ANNE registration):
M/W17, M/W40, M/W50, DIREKT, E-BIKE


  • Maps will be printed on a waterproof paper (Pretex).

  • Driving out of paths is prohibited, except where marked on the map!

  • Competitors must follow road traffic regulations. Riding without a suitable bicycle helmet is not permitted.

  • Bike wash will be available in competition center.

  • Small prize giving ceremony will take a place after the race.

  • All additional category and start times changes are regulated at info point in the competition center.

  • Beginers/Family have an open start on start control.

  • The event will be audio and video recorded for the needs of club and orienteering promotion. By registering for the competition, the competitor agrees to use the recordings obtained for this purpose.

  • By submitting the online registration form, each competitor directly agrees that they will compete in the competition at they own risk.

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